Leftovers Edition – Breakfast

Remember that lemon and rosemary chicken I made for dinner the other night?

Say hello to today’s breakfast!


That, my friends, is a savory coconut flour pancake with apple spread and lemon rosemary chicken and artichokes. And can I say that it totally made up for the somewhat disappointing dinner? Totally.


And the best was that this breakfast was so easy. Start to finish, it took me twenty minutes. Which I realize for some people is more time than they can spare for breakfast in the morning, so I will tell you that I saved one of the pancakes to see how well it reheats. (I’m guessing it’s going to be just as good, so you can make up a batch on the weekend and have an awesome (and elegant, if I do say so myself), breakfast during the week! Win!)

Right. Anyway.


I found the recipe for savory coconut pancakes here,  compliments of Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo. I love her site, and when I saw the recipe yesterday, I knew I wanted to try it today and see how it worked. I was 100% impressed, both with the simplicity and the taste.


Once my pancakes were cooked, I added some of this awesome stuff:


Ingredients: apples and apple cider, nothing else. Yay!

I topped the apple spread with leftover chicken and artichokes, shredded from the leftover drumsticks from Wednesday night. Done, and done!


Seriously, so good. I can’t wait to see what else I can use with these pancakes – I have some ideas already, and I can guarantee they’ll show up on this blog sooner or later.

And did I mention they were super easy?


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