Tuesday Musings

So, I finally joined the 21st century and bought an iPhone this past weekend. Not only did I not have an iPhone prior to Sunday, but I had a totally awesome pay-as-you-go flip phone. The voice mail didn’t even work properly. And can i just tell you that I was the Queen of T9 texting? Oh, yeah.

Now I have this super advanced iPhone 5 and I swear there are infants out there who can work this thing better than I can. I’m like a monkey trying to text. I didn’t know that I could send a picture from my phone to my email. My youngest sister had to show me how to get in to facebook.

It made me feel really stupid.

I am looking forward to some things – I can finally use instagram and post all kinds of random photos that I normally would take with my neon pink point and shoot camera. I can use twitter…assuming I actually take the time to learn HOW to use twitter. I can waste copious amounts of time playing stupid games or checking facebook incessantly. Oh, wait. I won’t do those last two because I hate when other people do it. 🙂 I will not turn into a slave of the smart phone!!


In other news: I went for a run this morning! And that picture above is one of the first ones taken with the aforementioned new iPhone. Granted I had to stop running (but only for a second, I swear!) to take it so it wouldn’t be blurry, but I took it!

Can I tell you how much better my day was because I got up and ran this morning? I had no real route in mind, I just wanted to get out and (it has to be said) get it over with. Plus it was raining – this annoying misty drizzle that wasn’t enough to keep me inside, but enough to keep me damp and uncomfortable, so my original plan was to run a few laps around the lake near my house and call it a day, but halfway around the lake I was attacked by a goose.

I kid you not.

Confession time: I have a fear of geese, ever since a few weeks (months?) ago when I saw a story on the news about the geese in some major city (NYC, maybe?) and how they were going all crazy and attacking people. So this morning I see this goose at the edge of the lake and standing beside it is the most adorable little gosling…and I knew I was in trouble. I had to follow the path, because there was no room to maneuver, and sure enough doesn’t this stupid goose arch his creepy neck and stick his beak out and make a beeline straight for my shins. What did I do, you ask?

I screamed like a little girl and veered off the path into the woods to get away.

Once I escaped the crazy goose, I instead decided to run a different path. Unfortunately, as I was making my way back towards my apartment I had to finish my run on the other side of the lake. It was only for a couple tenths of a mile, and the goose was on the other side, so I figured I was fine, right?


Wouldn’t you know it, I get to the other side of the lake and there are more geese with their goslings?! And of course, it’s like a coordinated attack. (I should have seen it coming, right?) So I had to yell at the geese again and this time detour through the sopping wet grass. Lovely. I hate wet socks.

But needless to say, I survived my run. I did 3.1 miles in 30 minutes which averages to 9:25 minutes per mile. Which is good, but I felt like I was running faster. Am I the only one who does that? I just got the mapmyrun app on my new iPhone (have I mentioned I have a new iPhone?) so hopefully I can start tracking my splits. I’d be interested to see them, because I suspect I start and end pretty fast, but the middle is what kills me.

One more thing before I go…not only did I get up and run this morning, but I also was able to write a few pages of my novel! Talk about a red letter day, people! I write freehand, in a large spiral notebook I carry in my huge totebag of a purse so I always have it with me, and then once I’ve gotten a decent chunk written I go back to my computer and type it all out. It sounds tedious but I love it. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to see all those scribbled pages. (And I do mean scribbled!)


I also had the opportunity to connect with a few new people today, so I’m pretty stoked! For a gray and rainy Tuesday, this one was definitely not so bad!

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