Grub Street 2013: The Muse and The Marketplace Writers Conference

What an incredible weekend!


I just returned from Boston, where I spent the weekend at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, attending Grub Street’s 2013 Muse and the Marketplace – their annual writer’s conference. This was my first writer’s conference, and hopefully it won’t be my last! I listened to some fabulous speakers, learned a lot about my own writing as well as writing in general, and I got to spend a weekend in one of the most beautiful cities ever.


It was both awe-inspiring and emotional being in Boston only a few weeks after the bombing, but the city has certainly pulled itself together as one. Boston strong, yes sir!


But back to the conference. I attended craft workshops on structure, plot, and character, as well as some great sessions on social media. It’s kind of amazing (and more than a little daunting) to learn about all the different forums of social media out there! Speaking of social media, you can find me @eatwriterun on twitter, and I will hopefully soon have a facebook page – but more of that to come!

I’ll leave you with a few memorable tidbits from the weekend, taken from my notebook:

“Cut through the clutter to make your words noticed”

“if you survived childhood, you have enough to write about for the rest of your life.” (flannery o’connor”)

“every single writer needs to have a schedule, a routine, and discipline.”

“you can’t keep secrets when you’re a writer”

become a noticer of noticing”

It was a great experience, and I hope to be able to do it again! Tune in tomorrow for EatWriteRunRepeat’s Run Boston Edition!





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