On My Bookshelf…

Wow. I am exhausted!

I don’t know why I think waking up at 0230 to be on the road by 0300 so I can drive three hours back home from my parents house on a Monday morning is a good idea.

Oh wait, yes I do.


It’s because I hate driving at night. I’d much rather wake up in the middle of the night and suffer an hour or so of darkness and then have the pleasure of watching the sunrise, than to leave my parents house in the evening and have it grow increasingly more dark. Hate. (It doesn’t help that I have terrible night vision, but don’t tell that to the DMV!) Plus, if I leave late at night I can’t drink any coffee because then I will be awake all night and I happen to equate road trips with coffee and so morning drive + coffee = Happy Me!

And speaking of coffee…can you tell I’ve had too many cups today??

Anyway. This plan of course works wonders, until I stumble into my office dreading the next eight hours. And I won’t even tell you about my awesome attempt at backing into the parking space in the parking garage. Let’s just say driving in reverse isn’t my strong suit when I’ve had eight hours of sleep. Trying it on four? Um…let’s move on.

The upside to this obscenely early commute is that there is practically no traffic – so that’s another win. Although sometimes it’s eerie and my overactive imagination starts to dream up all these crazy scenarios when I’m the only car on the road. Seriously, if I was dedicated enough to write down all the stories I come up with on the road, I’d rival James Patterson for number of books written.

And speaking of books…let’s talk about reading today! More specifically, let’s talk about what’s on my book line-up as of late.

My usual reading list includes a lot of mainstream fiction (“feel good fiction”), Christian fiction, and travel and/or food memoirs. I love Ted Dekker, James Patterson, Bill Bryson, Jenn Lancaster, Dee Henderson and Gilbert Morris, to name a few. Notice there aren’t many “literary” names in there, as I tend not to read them. I want to, but it always seems like I start this highly recommended literary work of art…only to get bored twenty pages in, after which I will go skipping over to the latest Patterson novel and read it in three hours.


However, as I was packing for Boston, I came across this book sitting on my bookshelf:


To be honest, I can’t remember why or where I purchased this book, but for one of my writing classes I had to read one of Lahiri’s short stories (Analysis of the Third and Final Continent) and really enjoyed it, so I’m guessing this purchase had something to do with that.

Anyway – The Namesake follows the lives of the Ganguli family – Ashoke and Ashima and their two children. Ashoke and Ashima move from Calcutta to Cambridge in order to set up a life and a family in the States. Most of the story focuses on their son, Gogol – named after the Russian writer Nikolai Gogol. It’s a story about family, home, and finding out where you belong in life. It took me almost a week to finish, which is crazy long for me, but it was beautifully written. Crossing two continents and spanning three decades, Lahiri weaves an enchanting tale of family that I couldn’t put down!

I found it especially poignant because as someone who has spent several years on various continents (on my own, without my family), I could easily relate to Ashima, particularly when she spoke of missing her home and her family, and watching her struggle with her new life in America. I’m so glad I read this!

I finished The Namesake this weekend and immediately started on my next endeavor:


This was a total impulse buy at the writer’s conference, but the back of the book had me hooked. This book is about a man whose wife has just been involved in an accident and suffers massive brain damage – she is clinically brain dead. The husband knows his wife does not want to be kept on life support and is about to take her off when he finds out she is pregnant. They’ve been unsuccessfully trying for years to have a baby. Now he is left to decide – does he go against his wife’s wishes and keep her on life support to save the baby he knows she would have wanted? Or does he take her off of life support and lose them both?

This scenario occupied my thoughts for a good portion of my drive this morning. (When I wasn’t dreaming about alien abductions or accidentally driving into a sinkhole or whatever else my overactive imagination was throwing at me). I thought about what I would want in that situation, what I would want my husband to do in that situation, although I think it’s impossible to really know. I pray to God I’ll never have to find out. But you see why I had to buy it?

I only just started, but I can’t wait to find out what happens with this one! I have a feeling it will be an emotional ride.

Other books coming up on my list:


Two Years Before the Mast, by Richard Henry Dana Jr.

The Little Bride, by Anna Solomon

The Comfort of Lies, by Randy Susan Meyers

So many books, so little free time!

What good books are you reading/have you read lately?

2 thoughts on “On My Bookshelf…

  1. I just read this book called The Wedding Dress, and it was amazing! It was one of those books that ended up having 4 stories in one. It was really good, once I’m moved and unpacked I’ll lend it to you- you’ll love it I know! 🙂

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