WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday

Originally I was planning on posting the ginger and orange glazed mahi mahi I made for dinner last night, but the pictures didn’t turn out so great. The glaze — and the flavor — was fantastic, but it dyed the color of the fish a sort of…off gray color. Not really conducive to a beautiful dinner photo. Although the glaze was delicious — have I mentioned that? — it just wasn’t ready for the blog. I think it would be incredible on chicken wings or thighs, so I am going to do some experimentation on that and get back to you. Stay tuned!

Instead, I am going to jump on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon. Since I’m new to the blogworld. I only recently found this phenomenon, hosted by Jenn of peas and crayons. Once I figure out how to get her adorable little icon on my blog, I’ll add it, but for now the link above will take you right to her site! So because I pretty much take pictures of most of my food anyway, why not share some (more) of them?

So…here goes! Here’s what I ate (this) Wednesday (today!):



truffled scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms served with a side of leftover steak slices. (unpictured: black coffee)



orange ginger glazed mahi mahi over roasted brussels sprouts, side salad (heavy on the veggies, served with white balsamic vinegar), and grapes, which I ended up not eating. (unpictured: water, and lots of it!)



South of the border meatloaf (recipe is still in progress) topped with avocado and tapatio, served with roasted butternut squash. Clearly I spend way more time taking pictures of my dinner than I do breakfast or lunch! (Unpictured: Peroni Italian beer and water)

I don’t usually snack during the day, which is why there are no snacks pictured. Most days I get enough at each meal that I don’t need anything in between, unless I’m working out and I’m super hungry beforehand. I also drink water — all day — so that helps curb the snack monster as well!

What did you eat Wednesday?

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