Truffled Eggs with Spinach and Mushrooms


A couple of weekends ago, my mom and sisters and I went to a food and wine festival, where I purchased (in addition to several bottles of wine), a bottle of white truffle oil.

Oh truffles, how I love you.


Years ago, when I was living in Europe, I had the opportunity to go truffle hunting. Fun, right? So, way back in the “old days”, truffle hunting used to be done by wild pigs known as “truffle snufflers”. Actually, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it sounds appropriate! Nowadays, however, they use dogs:


I spent the majority of that day plotting how I could run away with one of the puppies, they were that cute. And I am not a dog person by nature. (Sorry!)

Anyway, the day consisted of following the dogs through the woods and waiting for them to snuffle out black and white truffles from the ground. Then the man in charge would pocket said truffles and we’d continue our walk through the woods. It sounds boring, but it was actually pretty fun. It would have been even better had we been able to keep the truffles we found — we unearthed a white truffle that was HUGE – the guy told us it was worth 300 euros, easily. When I wasn’t plotting how to run off with a truffle snuffling puppy, I was plotting how to run off with a 300euro white truffle. Not sure I should be too proud of either of those…

But, I digress. And now that I’ve given you more information on my truffle hunting experience than you’ve ever wanted, let’s talk about eggs!


More specifically, let’s talk about these eggs. These luscious truffled scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms.

I originally got the idea for truffled scrambled eggs from Nora of Live Life, Eat Right. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to make my eggs with truffle oil! I eat eggs for breakfast pretty much every morning, and it can get boring. I try to vary it as much as possible, but sometimes I don’t have the time or the energy and I just fall back on the usual suspects. Scrambling my eggs in truffle oil adds just a hint of something different. (Be careful though, a little goes a loooong way!)


The best part about these eggs for me was that I cooked them until they were just set, which gives them a creamy texture. I don’t like my eggs cooked too dry, so this is my favorite way to scramble eggs. Feel free to cook them as long as you want though if you like yours done a little harder!

All I did was saute some spinach and chopped baby portobella mushrooms in some truffle oil, and then added in two beaten eggs. I stirred them constantly, making circles with my spoon until they were just set and still somewhat wet. Then I turned ’em out onto a plate and voila! 

There’s something so elegant about this dish that I feel a little decadent eating it on a weekday morning before work. It feels more suited to being served with a side of fruit at a Sunday brunch. But however you serve it, it’s easy and flavorful and puts a different twist on your morning eggs!

Now go grab yourself a mimosa and eat up!


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