Double Berry Coconut Popsicles

A couple of weeks ago at work, I was really craving something cold and sweet after a pretty intense workout. I don’t know about y’all, but I seem to overheat really easily and I sweat a lot when I work out. My face gets really, really red as well. Actually this reminds of me of a different day at work – different office, different boss. Anyway, I worked out in the afternoon and came back to work (after I showered of course), and my boss looked at me with a look that I can only describe as sheer terror. His eyes got huge and he says to me, “You’re not going to stroke out, are you?”

Say what??

You know those girls who finish this killer workout and they are all sweaty, yet they still look sexy? Yeah. I’m not that girl.


Yeah, that’s more like it. Ok, but anyway. Back to the snack I wanted after my workout. One of my colleagues said to me, “There are fruit popsicles in the fridge!” And I have to say I was tempted…it would have been exactly what I was craving. Except I made the mistake of looking at the contents of the “100% fruit pop” or whatever it was and my eyes bugged out. So I ended up foregoing the snack and finished the day at work still craving cold and sweet. The End.

But wait!


I realized, in a moment of clarity (they don’t happen often – just ask The Man), that I could MAKE my own popsicles! Without any extra sugar or ingredients I can’t pronounce! Where have I been?

Plus, this is an awesome way to use up the berries in your fridge that you purchased at the farmers market and then maybe-kind-of-sort-of went home for the weekend and forgot about them? Yeah. This is a great way to use them! It’s also the perfect thing to eat when it’s 100 degrees with 100% humidity outside. As long as you eat them fast. It is hot outside. And coming from someone who lived in the Middle East for several years, that’s saying something!

popsicles 6

If I could figure out a good way to serve these without them melting all over the place, I would so make them for a 4th of July picnic. You know, because that holiday is THIS WEEK. Eek! Speaking of picnics, what’s everyone making? If you need some ideas, check out this and these – I highly recommend them, and not just because I made them! 🙂 (Was that a shameless plug?)

popsicles 3

Full disclosure: these popsicles are not super-sweet. They have natural sugar from the fruit, as well as a hint from the honey and the vanilla, but they will not be that sugar kick you might be looking for in a popsicle, and that’s OK. I forgive you. 🙂 I can pretty much guarantee my sister the walking sweet tooth would take one look at these and keep on walking. But for me, they were perfect – fruity and creamy and just enough cold + sweet to fulfill the craving I had at work those few weeks ago. Success!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: (makes six-eight pops, depending on your molds)

1 cup strawberries, sliced

1 cup blueberries

1 can full fat coconut milk

2 tablespoons honey, divided

1 teaspoon vanilla


Puree your strawberries, blueberries, and one tablespoon honey in a blender. Set aside.

In a bowl, mix coconut milk, one tablespoon honey, and vanilla together

In your popsicle molds, layer a spoonful of fruit with a spoonful of coconut milk and repeat until your molds are full. Freeze 5-8 hours. When you’re ready to eat, run some warm water over the mold to help the popsicles out. Enjoy!

popsicles 2

2 thoughts on “Double Berry Coconut Popsicles

  1. Just a note for all the other “walking sweeth tooth” people out there, this is a great recipe. However, if you would want it a little more sweet, add some stevia into the mix. Just be sure to check the ingredients on the stevia you buy. A lot of brands include dextrose….aka sugar. Try to find stevia that is as pure as possible. A tiny bit goes a long way in making something sweeter so don’t use too much!

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