WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday # 8

I’m sure it isn’t just me when I say I have a really hard time getting back into the swing of things after a week of vacation. Wait – who am I kidding? I have a hard time getting my groove back after a long weekend!

This time has been particularly hard though. I haven’t even unpacked my suitcase – it’s still sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor with clothes and toiletries and shoes spilling out. And I don’t. even. care.

Who am I?

Despite having trouble getting back to work – one thing hasn’t changed – and that’s What I Ate Wednesday – hosted by Jenn!

Hop on over to Peas and Crayons to join in on the fun!

Monday was a bit of a rough day for me, having arrived from CA at oh-dark-thirty and then not sleeping well. Tuesday was much better in terms of my routine, so let’s check out what I ate!


I began the day with machaca, spinach, and eggs with one of my grain free banana pecan muffins. Machaca is a mexican shredded beef dish usually made with a mix of spices, chiles, onions, and garlic cooked in a crockpot. I defrosted some on Monday night so Tuesday morning all I had to do was throw it in a pan with some spinach, tossed in two eggs, and called it a day!


Along with my usual black coffee. The brew of the day with southern pecan. Delish!


I packed a lunch of leftover cauliflower crust pizza (recipe to come!), two apple cinnamon sausages, some melon, and celery and almond butter. Yes, I way overpacked – I only ended up eating the pizza and the melon.

After work I headed to Wal-Mart to get my oil changed. And for those of you who are right now thinking “Girl, what the heck is the matter with you for going to Wal Mart for an oil change?!”? Well, I’m with you.

Way. Wrong. Idea.

After waiting for ninety minutes, the guy calls out to me and says, “Unfortunately, I have some bad news.” As it turns out, they don’t have the tool needed for the particular cannister I have on my car. I have no idea what it means really, except that they did not do my oil change. So I asked them, very politely, what they did to my car last time, because I paid for an oil change and apparently got one.

The man looks at the computer and says, “Yeah, we had the tool last time you were here, but we got rid of it.”

This is a good time to point out that I do not have some rare classic car. I have a Toyota. Pretty common, right? So this should not be rocket science. But, whatever. So they don’t have the tool. Stuff happens. Is it stupid? Yes. Is it the end of the world? No.

However, I did want to know why I just wasted an hour and a half of my day, when they told me there was nobody ahead of me for an oil change, only to find out that they couldn’t do my oil change.

Guy responds, “Yeah, I noticed your car was in there a while and apparently nobody had touched it yet, so I was about to do it myself when we found out we don’t have the tool.”


What, was the guy waiting for a cookie? Was I supposed to thank him for going out to check my car after ninety minutes of nothing? Am I wrong for being pretty annoyed?

Needless to say, I spoke to the manager. I don’t do that, ever, (much to The Man’s annoyance), but this was the second time I received poor customer service from this particular Wal-Mart. Suffice to say that even if they COULD change my oil now, I wouldn’t go back.

So before this happened I had every intention of going back to my house and cooking some boring old chicken. However, I am an emotional eater – not so much when I’m sad,  more like when I’m ticked off.

red robin 2

Enter Red Robin. (Red Robin…YUMMMM!)

Was I the only person that just sang that little jingle in my head?

Anyway, I am ridiculously addicted to this restaurant. Plus, it holds a special place in my heart because it was sort of a tradition for The Man and I to go there before either one of us had to fly anywhere. It’s sort of like our place.

red robin 1

So I made up for my lack of an oil change with wings and beer, and it was delicious.

The End.

Happy Wednesday!

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