WIAW – Another What I Ate Wednesday

Let me share with you a story that proves just how uptight I can be. Are you ready for this?

So, at my office we have a parking lot in front of the building, and a parking garage around the back of the building. Normally, the parking lot fills up first because, well, people are lazy and they like to part right in front of the building, closest to the entrance. I on the other hand like to park in the parking garage, on the same level, in the same place, every day. I park on a level that not many other people park on…it’s actually gotten so that I recognize the cars around me. I arrive at work fairly early, so the level is always empty (save for the regular handful of cars), so I can take my time backing in to my space, unloading all the unnecessary junk I insist on taking to work with me every day, and meandering into the building. Plus, my car isn’t baking in the sun all day if I park in the garage. It’s great.

Except that recently, the main gate to my office complex started undergoing construction. This construction is so major that it involves us using an alternate entrance to the complex; one that is in the back of the complex. This new entrance just happens to be right by the area of the parking garage where I park. So, the first day of construction I pull in to the garage and literally slammed on the breaks. What the –? Half of my parking level was full! FULL! Of random cars that aren’t normally there!! I was hoping that this was just a fluke, but sadly it was not. Every single day since then I’ve entered the garage to find it practically full.

And then I see that the parking lot in front of the building – the one that is usually packed by 0700? Is practically empty. This makes me grumpy. Literally, it threatens to ruin my whole day.

This is what The Man has to deal with on a regular basis. Frankly I can’t understand sometimes why he even puts up with me.


So now that I’ve proven that I’m ridiculously overdramatic, let’s talk about food. It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means!


Another What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

The day started off like any other – with eggs. This morning it was two hard boiled eggs (for some reason I am completely unable to peel hard boiled eggs. No idea why.) with an apple and some almonds. Pretty simple ,but lots of protein to get me through the day!


I never used to be a big egg person, but now I find myself eating them for breakfast every morning. I can’t really imagine breakfast without eggs!

And of course, I had coffee. Peets Uzuri African Blend, which is my FAVORITE.


For lunch I kept things simple – rotisserie chicken and a salad made with fresh leaf lettuce, baby carrots, red pepper, english cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, pine nuts, and mozzarella cheese. I topped it wish some unpictured balsamic vinaigrette and had my usual seltzer water on the side.


I needed a mid-afternoon pick me up, so I snacked on some fresh bing cherries. I found these beauties on sale for $1.99 a pound at the grocery store which is practically unheard of. Actually, it is unheard of – I’ve never found bing cherries so cheap. Needless to say, I had to indulge in a pound…or two.


Dinner that night was also fairly ordinary – rotisserie chicken, roasted vegetables, and roasted sweet potato chunks. There is a serious lack of green on this plate, which is why I used that particular napkin for the picture. Normally I would have broccoli or green zucchini or asparagus or snap peas on hand, but since it was right before a trip I needed to use up what I had…hence the decidedly un-colorful meal. No worries though — it tasted great!


And although I normally don’t do this, I indulged in an evening snack. My last two chocolate coconut macaroons (truth: these have been in my freezer since I don’t know when. I only found them because I was reorganizing.) and a cup of mint melange tea. I heart mint tea.


And there you have it – another week of eats for eatwriterunrepeat! Ok, that was lame and rhyming. Ew.

I apologize.

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