Running Motivation

So last week I mentioned how The Husband and I are trying to get back into running. And I have to be honest, it’s been kind of rough. It was hard enough waking up at 0630, when all I had to do was get up and go to work…imagine how much harder it is to wake up at 0515 when The Husband and I are all snuggled up in bed…and we’re supposed to go run?

motivation to run 2

Although it has to be said, I do always feel better once we’re finished and I’m all hot and sweaty and pumped up on exercise endorphins. And it’s nice to go through the day knowing that I’ve already worked out – I don’t have those moments of dread when I realize I’m going to have to try to go for a run or hit the gym when I get off of work, when I’m tired and hungry and probably cranky and that last thing I want to do is put on workout clothes and slog my way outside. Plus, it’s been HOT here in Northern Virginia lately, so getting up and running in the morning when it’s not quite so steamy and humid does make for a better run. Not to mention, it’s prettier.

But waking up that early is hard.

motivation to run 5

This week, however, I had somewhat of a revelation. There is a running path conveniently located right outside the building where I work. Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought to myself, if I asked The Husband to come meet me at work in the afternoon and we can go for a run there together?


So that’s what we’ve been doing this week – he meets me sometime in the mid-afternoon and we go for a run together. It’s been hot as blazes, so we haven’t done more than two miles, but we’ve been getting out and hitting the pavement. This is beneficial for me in particular because A) I don’t have to wake up at 0515 to run, and B) I get to break up my afternoon at work and get out from behind my computer and move around for a bit. Oh, and let’s not forget C) I get to see The Husband during my work day! Triple Win!

motivation to run 3

So, why am I writing this post about motivation? Because lately I’ve been struggling to find mine. Not working out for a couple of weeks really set me back, and it’s been a rough road trying to get back to where I was. I used to run 3-4 miles on average, at least three times a week, in addition to doing a strength routine 2-3 times. I was starting to feel really good, really motivated, really pumped about my fitness.

And then…it just sort of petered out. True, it was because life got crazy and I’m not trying to beat myself up for letting exercise take a back burner, but I don’t want to let that happen again.

motivation to run 4

So lately my motivation has been to simply get back to where I was. To get back to the point where waking up in the morning to run wasn’t something to dread. To set a goal for 3 miles instead of “well I’ll stop when it starts to suck”. To ease back into weight training and deep stretching so my body isn’t stiff and sore from terrible posture and no exercise.

I am motivated to make changes. I am motivated to take charge. I am motivated to be the person I want to be instead of settling for the person I think I am.

Here’s to motivation!

motivation to run 1

(it’s so much better when it’s sealed with a kiss, am I right?)

4 thoughts on “Running Motivation

  1. I took some time off of running too and boy it’s tougher than I thought! There would be days in high school where I could run 5-8 every day, 6x a week. Now I’m completely happy with three days a week and maybe hitting 3-5.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer 🙂 I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Have a fab weekend!

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