Three Mile Run and What I Ate Wednesday

So, the good news is The Husband and I crushed a three mile run on Saturday morning!

three mile run-3

The weather was gorgeous – I’d estimate upper sixties and zero humidity, which helped immensely. We decided before we set out that we were going to do a three mile loop so mentally I was prepared. The first mile is always somewhat rough for me – it usually takes that long for my body to adjust and settle into the pace. According to the Map My Run app on my phone, we finished Mile 1 in 10:28. A couple of months ago I probably would have cried seeing that pace, but after being out of the running scene for a while, I was happy enough!

three mile run Mile two was really rough – which is normally not the case, but our second mile was primarily on an uphill slant which didn’t help any. Also I think it was somewhat mental – I knew that I’d have one more mile to go and my body wanted to stop after two. Added to this was the fact that when I run with The Husband I don’t bring my iPod, because normally we can chat and run and I don’t miss the music…but I really could have used some upbeat tunes to get me through mile two! As it was, I was chanting military cadences in my head the whole time (no, I’m not joking). We finished Mile 2 in 10:22.

three mile run-2

Mile three was the easiest – although it didn’t fly by quite as fast as the picture makes it look…that’s just because I wasn’t holding my phone steady when I snapped the shot. But the third mile was our best – we managed to finish in 9:10, which is pretty darned awesome! Although I guess in the spirit of full disclosure I should admit that most of mile 3 was downhill – BUT it was still a good pace! We completed the loop back to our apartment, making our run for the day 3.13 miles. We ran a 5K! Total time was 31:15, for an average pace of 9:58 per mile.

Hooray for three miles! And that’s the good news.

The bad news is that I went to bed on Saturday feeling somewhat run down, and I woke up on Sunday barely able to swallow. It only got worse throughout the day, so The Husband took me to the doctor on Monday. It’s apparently not strep, but she did want to run some other tests and put me on antibiotics. I essentially spent Monday sleeping and Tuesday sleeping and we’re still waiting for the test results. Prayers would be appreciated – I can’t miss too many days of work! (Although I admit, having a couple days for my body to fight this off has been nice. I just wish my throat would feel better!)

So as a result of whatever this is I am currently suffering from, my What I Ate Wednesday post is going to be a little…humdrum. But I still figured I’d link up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons because hey – it’s Wednesday, and that’s what we do!


So here’s what I’ve been eating the past couple of days! (Be forewarned: it ain’t much.)

what i ate wednesday-eggs-sausauge-and-hollandaise

We started out with an awesome breakfast of chorizo sausage, sweet potato hash, and poached eggs with homemade hollandaise sauce. Super yum – but it was a little bit too much for my sore throat, so the rest of the day looked a little more like this:

what i ate wednesday-egg drop soup

Homemade bone broth with an egg dropped in – the egg gives it extra protein but it was still soft enough to not irritate my throat. The Husband came up with it – in fact, The Husband has been pretty much waiting on me hand on foot throughout this whole ordeal – I definitely picked a keeper!

what i ate wednesday-sparkling water with lime

I’ve also been downing ice water (sparkling and still) with lime to keep myself hydrated.

what i ate wednesday-kombucha

And some Kombucha to get me the probiotics and enzymes I need to go with the antibiotics I’m on!

what i ate wednesday-banana and cashew butter

I’ve also been snacking on bananas and cashew butter for something easy and fairly light. Love the Artisana packets of cashew butter we found at Whole Foods!

So, yeah, that’s about it. Pretty boring and not so exciting, but unfortunately that’s about all I’ve been able to handle lately. Join me next week for some pictures of real (and hopefully more exciting) food!

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