Whole30 Wrap-Up and What I Ate Wednesday

Well, another Whole30 down! Although in full disclosure, The Husband and I did not exactly go out with a bang.

Technically, 30 days from our restart after the wedding would have made Monday (16 September) our last day, but we spent the weekend in Ocean City with my family to celebrate my middle sister’s birthday and my parent’s anniversary, so we decided we’d stop a little early. We had been Whole30 for an extra two weeks before the wedding, and we weren’t planning on going crazy, especially with the 5K on Saturday, so we thought we’d be OK.

All it took was one weekend to remind me (yet again) how I do NOT tolerate a lot of sugar. I can handle the occasional alcoholic beverage, and even moderate amounts of gluten don’t bother me too much, but boardwalk fudge and italian gelato and toffee pretzels?

Hello, sugar hangover.

Needless to say, now that we’re back to reality we can go back to eating our clean (mostly Whole30) eating, which is preferable for both of us. As much as I enjoyed the fudge and french fries while I had them, I much prefer feeling good and sleeping great.

The funny thing is how easy it is to slide back down the unhealthy food hill once you take the first step. I have a hard time fighting the mentality of “well, I already ate french fries, so why don’t I eat that ice cream as well?” I have to remind myself that eating a treat every now and then isn’t a bad thing…but when one treat turns into a day turns into a weekend of crappy eating, my body is going to suffer the consequences. (And suffer I did! This past Monday morning was one of the hardest I’ve had for a while!)

So let’s take a look at what I’ve been eating since being back from the beach, shall we? And while I’d love to say my food has been nothing but super healthy protein, fruits, and veggies…I can’t really say it in truth…but I’m doing my best to get back on the wagon!

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*disclaimer: some of these photos are actually recycled…I’ve been a terrible food blogger lately and forgot to take pics of breakfast. And lunch. Can you believe that?


11 September 2012 153

This is actually breakfast from last week – the Husband made truffled poached eggs over leftover roasted veggies, but since it’s a variation of what we eat for breakfast every day, I figured it was close enough!


Beck's iPhone 1095

For lunch I had a salad, but with it I had a packet of tuna and some leftover roasted veggies on the side. But this picture is close enough!


what i ate wednesday-banana and cashew butter

Another recycled picture – but I really did eat a banana and cashew butter for a snack. Except instead of eating it in workout clothes and in the car, I ate it sitting at my desk and dressed in business casual attire. 🙂


sushi  SUSHI! The Husband and I haven’t had sushi in forever, and it’s one of our favorite meals. After an unsuccessful evening of house hunting, we figured we deserved the treat. We split a spider roll, a chesapeake roll ( crab, avocado, and caviar), and a crunchy spicy tuna roll…


…and a baked crab roll and a crunchy dragon roll.

Have I mentioned we really like sushi?

What have you been eating lately?

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