October Bucket List

It’s officially my favorite month! Hooray! Not only that – but it’s moving week!


I mentioned recently that we’ve been looking for a new place and last weekend we signed a new lease that starts today! I’m excited for the new house (it’s adorable – and it’s a single family home which means no upstairs neighbors! *happy dance*) but I’m dreading the move.

But let’s get back to October! I love everything about this month…the chilly mornings and the nip that’s starting to hang in the air, the smell of crisp air, pumpkin, and apples, the sound of leaves crunching underneath my feet…wearing hoodies and boots and scarves and snuggling in front of the fire with a cup of hot coffee and my husband. Mmmm. Love it. Because it’s also the first day of the new month, I’ve created a bucket list of sorts – nothing crazy, all easily attainable, fun things that I want to complete during the next thirty days.

october list

1. Watch a classic Halloween movie – The Husband has a lot of ideas on this, probably all ridiculously scary movies that I will have no desire to watch, but because I love him I will watch them with him. My classic Halloween movie choice? Hocus Pocus. CLASSIC.

2. Pumpkin picking – I’ve never actually been pumpkin picking but I want to go every single year. I also want to go apple picking so I can make #4.

3. Attend a fall festival – there are apparently a ton  of fairs/festivals/family events in Virginia and Kevin and I cannot wait to check one out!

4. See #2 – I’ve never actually made apple cider, but then again I had never made homemade applesauce either, and look how well that turned out!

5. Corn Maze and/or Hay Ride – personally out of the two, I’d rather take the hay ride. I’ve only been to a Corn Maze once in my life and really, being the ridiculously paranoid person I am I did not enjoy it at all. Something about the thought of something lurking out there in the corn while we’re wandering around in the dark does not really float my boat. A hay ride, on the other hand, is great – we used to go on hay rides every year with our church and I loved them.

6. Carve a pumpkin – I was not blessed with any artistic skill whatsoever, so I should probably rewrite this one to read: “watch Kevin carve a pumpkin and pretend I did it myself.”

7. Trick or Treating – By this I don’t mean I want to go trick-or-treating myself, I want to buy lots of candy and sit at home and wait for all the neighborhood kids to come trick-or-treating. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, where trick-or-treating consisted of getting in the car and driving to our nearby friends and families houses to see what kind of candy they could scrounge up for us. I remember one year we stopped at a friend’s house and they ended up giving me a candy bar that I had sold them that same day as a fundraiser.

8. Have a Halloween Party – We’ll have a house, and it’s October and I love parties, so why not? Although I’m also kind of lazy and the thought of party planning sort of makes me tired, so we’ll see if this one actually pans out.

9. Make a fall wreath – I’d love to make a homemade fall wreath for our new door. Ideally, I’d love it to look like this, but I anticipate it looking like…well, looking like something not that nice.

10. Picnic in the Woods – one day this month Kevin and I want to pack a picnic, hop in the truck, and drive out into the countryside somewhere and have a picnic in the woods.

So that’s my list! I’ll be checking in on 01 November to round-up how well (or not) I did! Wish me luck!

What fall activities do you most look forward to?

3 thoughts on “October Bucket List

  1. Ooh! Invite me over all of these! 🙂 Especially the party, and pumpkin carving, halloween movie watching, and apple cider making! And the picnic in the woods! 🙂

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