DIY: Monogrammed Fall Wreath

Remember my October Bucket List? Well, today we can cross number 9 off of that list!

monogrammed fall wreath

Yes, that’s right – not only did I make my own monogrammed fall wreath, but it doesn’t look half bad! To be perfectly honest, I was really impressed with the final result. Of course I hoped it would turn out to look nice, but I may have mentioned once or twice that I am not the artistic one in my family and as such I was totally expecting this project to be a big, fat, FAIL.

I love it when I’m wrong!

Wait a minute…

monogrammed fall wreath in proccess

You may remember from my bucket list post that I found my inspiration for this wreath from this post by Craftaholics Anonymous. I improvised, obviously, but had I not come across Linda’s blog I never would have considered doing something like this on my own. It seems like it would be common sense but in truth it never would have occurred to me to walk into a craft store and pick up some simple items and create my own wreath! Now that I know how simple it is, I’m already creating wreaths for every season in my mind!

Making my wreath took less than an hour from start to finish, and that includes waiting for my paint to dry. I simply gathered my “ingredients” from Michaels (a wreath, some fall leaves and flowers, paint and brushes, my monogram S, and the hot glue gun) and spread them out on my dining table:

monogrammed fall wreath ingredients

Then I painted my S a nice orange. I originally wanted to do something like Linda with the polka dots, but A) I didn’t know what a “pouncer” was and B) I didn’t want to try to do anything on my own for fear or screwing it up and annoying myself, so I just kept the S plain.

monogrammed fall wreath S

Then I gathered my fall leaves and flowers and played around with placement until I found something that I liked. Fun fact: the yellow and red flowers are actually clips, so I just clipped them onto the wreath! And I just sort of poked the leaf sprigs into the wreath until they stayed without having to use hot glue. I did put a few random dollops here and there for good measure, but I think they would have been fine without it.

monogrammed fall wreath hot glue

Finally, I hot glued my S to where I wanted it.

monogrammed fall wreath placing the S

Voila! A beautiful monogrammed fall wreath for our door! My first official fall decoration!

monogrammed fall wreath final

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