What I’m Loving Lately

1. These grammar grumble mugs from The Literary Gift Company. Love them on so many levels. The lose/loose grammar error is definitely my biggest pet peeve, followed closely by the they’re/there/their conundrum.

grammar grumble mugs

2. This boeuf bourgignon by Josh at Slim Palate. Not only do I love boeuf bourgignon, but those pictures! Beautiful.

3. Lemon Jalapeno Spritzers by Bev Cooks. Um, I want to make this and drink them forever. And I don’t even really like jalapeno!

4. The Top 10 Best Boyfriends list from Thought Catalogue. Hilarious. And I agree with every single one of them except #9 because I’ve never watched the show and therefore can’t voice an opinion.

5. Ephesians 4:29 – This was our church’s memory verse for the month of September, and one that I am still currently struggling with. (The application, not the memorization.)


6. These Gluten Free Apple Fritters from Jan’s Sushi Bar. I love apple fritters, but now that we eat paleo, the regular fried version from a donut shop kills me. Can’t wait to try these!

7. This iPhone wallet by RobbieMoto – I tend to carry a giant tote bag as a purse and as such my iPhone gets pretty beat up. A wallet? Brilliant!

iphone wallet

8. These textured planters from A Beautiful Mess. How cute are they?? This quite possibly could turn out to be my next DIY project.

9. Heather’s #LiveBoldly project to celebrate turning thirty – 31 days of bold choices she’s documenting on her blog. Love this!

10. Battlestar Galactica. I know, I know. I am not a science fiction fan, but Kevin asked me to watch this show with him and I was absolutely hooked by episode 3. Crazy, right? Anyway, we just finished the series and I was literally depressed that it was over. There may have been tears. I’m just saying.

battlestar galactica

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