I am in LOVE with running in our new neighborhood.

running 5


running 3


I can’t tell you how much I missed running. In the three weeks it took us to move completely, the most strenuous workout we got was lugging boxes and moving furniture…and running up and down thee flights of stairs as we vacated our old apartment. Granted it was movement and for the most part it sucked, but it wasn’t exercise. (And the number of times we went out to eat during that period totally negated any potential benefits we may have gotten from all the lifting/moving/stepping.)

running 2

We only started running again last weekend – but can I say how happy I am for this time of year? It is absolutely perfect for running – and I’m not just talking about the stunning views! The weather has been sublime – chilly enough so that I’m not overheated and dripping in sweat, but not so cold that my lips are turning blue and I’m shivering. I’d much rather run in 50 degree weather than 80.

running 7

We’ve gone for a couple easy runs in our neighborhood this past week – we basically pick a trail and see where it takes us. Generally we end up somewhere we recognize, but once or twice we had to stop and check out the map on my phone – I tend to be directionally challenged (note to self: let Kevin lead next time!). But I find those times to be the most fun. Not only am I distracted by the scenery (to the point where I may end up running into something – like a tree) but we always end up going farther than we expected which is never a bad thing! So far this week we’ve hit 9 miles – hooray!

running 4 

running 8

It’s good to be back.

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