Things I’ve Learned Lately

1. I like kimchee. Kevin and I recently went to a Korean restaurant and he ordered it as an appetizer. I, of course, made a variety of faces when he asked me to try it, basing my opinion entirely on what I’ve heard from people and the idea that it was “spicy”…forgetting that I now have a much higher tolerance for spice and despite the face that Kevin said it wasn’t bad. I complained some more, took a hesitant taste, and then proceeded to steal the dish and stuff my selfish face with delicious kimchee. Who knew?

2. The dryer has a “Fluff-No Heat” setting. This utterly confuses me. What’s the point of a dryer if you setting it to “no heat”? This is spoken by the woman who only acknowledges one setting on the dryer and that is “cottons – high heat”. The only reason I even learned of this mysterious fluff setting is because I couldn’t figure out why my clothes were still wet and cold despite being rolled around a dryer for 80+ minutes. Only then did it occur to me to look at the settings, which is why I immediately shouted down the stairs, “Why the heck is the dryer set to “Fluff-No Heat?”” To which my husband replied, “I tossed my jacket in the dryer the other day.”

I still have no idea what the purpose of that was.

3. My husband probably deserves to be sainted for putting up with me.

4. I hate having to go to the main branch of my company. It’s like a high school reunion where the only people who show up are people you don’t want to talk to or don’t ever want to see again. And then you’re left running down the hallway in the opposite direction in a suit and high heel boots, trying in vain not to spill coffee on yourself in an attempt to get away.

5. Writing 50,000 words in 30 days is a lot harder than I realized. Broken down, that’s 1,667 words per day – which is A LOT. (You’d thing this one would be common sense, but clearly it is not.)

6. And another thing – in the weeks leading up to the month where you are supposed to write 50,000 words you will have ideas galore – only to find that when you sit down to write any of those 50,000 words…you got nothing. (Case in point: I wrote this blog post while I was supposed to be writing some of my 50,000 words.)

7. Agreeing to host Thanksgiving for 12 people at your house is one thing. Actually planning and preparing for it is quite another. While I’m super excited to be hosting my family this year…I’m also scared to death. We’ll probably end up eating turkey at a Chinese restaurant.

8. It’s never a good idea to eat roasted garlic the morning of a briefing for an Executive Board. Again – common sense? Apparently not for me.

9. Taking leftover Halloween candy to work so you won’t have it at home to eat does NO GOOD if you squirrel away a bag of your favorites and hide them in your desk drawer.

10. It is much easier to stop eating healthy and working out than it is to start.

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