Whole30 Day 5 – Back to Reality

Well, the holiday season is officially over. Christmas decorations have been taken down, resolutions have been made, people are eating less cookies and more vegetables…and we’re all back to work. Ugh.

I feel like I got a decent amount of sleep last night, and fortunately our alarm was set for 0500 instead of last week’s 0330. I woke up feeling pretty good…and wishing for two hour delay at work due to weather.

No such luck.

So instead I gathered up my purse and lunchbag and set off to tackle my first challenge of the Whole30 – navigating the workplace.

whole30 roasted vegetables

My Day Five Eats:

Breakfast, 0730: I took my breakfast to work with my today since I went in a little earlier than usual. Kevin packed me a hamburger patty with two soft boiled eggs, some cherry tomatoes, and half an avocado. One of my favorite fast breakfasts is diced hard boiled eggs mixed with cherry tomatoes and diced avocado served with a drizzle of olive oil and some salt and pepper, but the addition of the hamburger patty made it a much more filling breakfast.

Lunch, 1130: I was hoping to make it until 1200 to eat lunch but my stomach had other plans. Lunch consisted of leftover chicken over cauliflower rice with half an avocado and was eaten at my desk, while reading food blogs and checking the weather channel online. (I didn’t get my two hour delay but I was giving up hope for a freak snowstorm and an early release! (spoiler alert: didn’t happen.) Lunch was also pretty filling – I’m noticing with this Whole30 I’m eating larger protein portions at each meal and I haven’t had the urge to snack so much, so hopefully that keeps up!

Dinner, 1800: We’re running a little low on groceries and I was on my own for dinner, so I decided to scrounge through the pantry to see what I could use. Turns out I had all the necessary ingredients for my Whole30 approved crab cakes! We did have a random assortment of vegetables that needed to get cooked so I turned to my failsafe: roasted veggies. I tossed some broccoli, carrots and red peppers with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and Trader Joe’s African Smoke seasoning and roasted them in a 400 degree oven for about 40 minutes.

whole30 crab cake dinner

After I removed the vegetables from the oven I threw in two sweet potatoes to roast while I ate my dinner. Afterwards, I put the cooked sweet spuds in the fridge and prepared mine and Kevin’s lunches for tomorrow. We’ve made a serious dent in the food that we prepped over the weekend – in the future, we’re either going to have to prepare way more food in advance or add in a mid-week food prep night on, say, Wednesday or Thursday. Still, it’s an interesting challenge coming up with different variations of food so we’re not eating the same old thing every day! I kind of like it.

Day Five Overall:

Overall I’m pretty proud of myself. Five days in and I haven’t felt all that bad (knock on wood!) My body has been taking all this meat and veggies really well, probably because for the past few months I’ve done nothing but eat junk. I don’t think my body knows what to do with all this health! 🙂

…now if only I could start working out again.

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