Whole30 Day Seven – Back to the Gym

Holy moly! So today I actually dragged myself to the gym…but only because I was bored to tears at work and literally could not find anything else to do. Is that sad? Plus, I was feeling pretty legarthic and so I thought to myself, “Hey, self! Remember when you would used to run and it would make you feel so much better afterwards?” And so I grabbed my gear and headed to the gym.


Only when I finished I didn’t really feel as good as I remembered feeling. Probably because I haven’t been to the gym in forever a while, so the 1.5 miles I forced myself to run on the treadmill today really hurt. I mean it was really rough. Serves me right for slacking off! I did have a nice long stretching session afterwards though, and that was bliss. Not surprisingly I enjoyed the stretch a million times more than the run. BUT, while I wasn’t feeling fantastic afterwards I was proud of myself for at least going to the gym, even if it wasn’t what I would call a stellar workout. Baby steps though, right?

My Day 7 Eats:

Breakfast, 0745: I had breakfast with Kevin again this morning – yay! It was similar to yesterday’s breakfast: we sauteed some machaca (mexican pulled beef) with spinach, cherry tomato, and eggs and served it over a roasted sweet potato topped with slices of avocado. It was a huge breakfast and extremely filling, which brings me to…

Lunch, 1200: I made it until noon! True that I ate breakfast a little later than usual (except no different from yesterday actually), but I think the combination of the egg plus the extra protein in the beef and combined with the starchy sweet potato definitely held me over until lunchtime. Anyway, I was looking forward to eating my lunch all morning – leftover chili from last night! Hooray! I packed some raw veggies (carrot, celery, snap peas) to go with it and nibbled on a few of them once I finished the chili.

Snack, 1745: I got home later than usual and I should have eaten a little something after my workout this afternoon, so I was getting pretty hungry when I got home. Kevin and I ended up splitting a chomps snack stick and some leftover egg-machaca scramble from breakfast. Another hungry-angry crisis averted, considering I could feel my hunger need start to dip down into the red. (The red? the black? I can never remember which is good and which is bad.)

Dinner, 1845: Whew! So, I mentioned before that we were getting pretty low on food from our food prep session on Sunday, so today was sort of a free for all. We ended up roasted a huge tray of vegetables served with a seasoned chicken breast and topped with a poached egg. Simple, delicious, and it used up the rest of our veggies. Looks like someone has a trip to the grocery store ahead of them!

eatwriterunrepeat.com | Whole30 chicken eggs and vegetables

After dinner we pulled out six hamburger patties, a package of chicken thighs, a couple of chicken breasts and some pork chops to defrost for our next food prep session, which will most likely be tomorrow. I usually love preparing a variety of dinners in the evening, but I have to say that having a variety of protein already cooked has been awesome.

Day Seven Overall: I woke up today feeling awesome – I’m starting to sleep like a rock which makes me super happy, and I’m waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I did get lethargic this afternoon, but I perked up after the gym. Overall I’m pretty happy with the first week of my Whole30! Looking forward to the next 23 days!

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