Whole30 Day 13 Take Two – The Food!

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying this lovely (but rainy, in my end of the world) Wednesday! I’ll keep this short since I already posted this morning, so let’s get straight to yesterday’s Whole30 rundown, shall we?

My Day Thirteen Eats

eatwriterunrepeat.com | whole30 omelet and meatballs

Breakfast, 0730: After I cooked breakfast for my husband and he was safely off to work, I set about getting my own food taken care of. I scrambled two eggs with some baby spinach and on the side I added a couple of cherry tomato stuffed meatballs – an idea I decided to try on Sunday. As you can see from the picture, it didn’t quite work out how I intended, with the cherry tomatoes peeking out and all. Plus although Kevin loved them, I thought they could have used more flavor. Still, it was a good amount of protein for breakfast and kept me full until lunch!

Lunch, 1200: Lunch was my usual combination of leftovers – yesterday it consisted of roast chicken with carrots, onion, and celery, with some raw snap peas on the side. I could have used more vegetables but overall I still felt pretty good.

eatwriterunrepeat.com  | whole30 steak dinner

Dinner, 1700: I didn’t realize I’ve been craving steak until Kevin surprised me with steak last night! While I took a quick nap after work (a result of another headache that just wouldn’t go away – I’m wondering if this crazy weather may have something to do with that), Kevin headed out to the grill to make steaks, sweet potato, and vegetables – zucchini strips and carrots. We haven’t had steak since we started the Whole30 — which is odd for us because we generally eat it about once a week – so this really hit the spot!

My Day Thirteen Overall: Aside from the headache I was feeling pretty good, although I really need to start working out. My energy levels have been waning and it’s getting harder and harder to wake up. This may also be because we’ve been going to bed later and waking up earlier than usual, but I think even getting up and walking around the block after work would do wonders for my overall well-being. Other than that, this Whole30 is going great! Much easier than ones I’ve done before…

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