Whole30 Day 19 – Happy MLK Day!

I realized yesterday that I accidentally posted my Day 17 and Day 18 posts backwards – oops. However, I’m not entirely sure how to fix it, so I’ll just leave it as 16, 18, 17. We’ll go with it, right?

The best part about my Day 19 was that Kevin and I both had off! Yay! After sleeping in until about 0730 we started our morning out like every day – with our devotions! My days are so much better when I start them off with God. And it didn’t hurt that my morning looked like this:

eatwriterunrepeat.com | fire

When I came downstairs, the Husband already had a fire roaring in the fireplace and coffee ready in the pot! It really doesn’t get much  better than that, does it? (And yes, I pretty much wear fuzzy socks all. the time.)

My Day Nineteen Eats

Snack, 0800: While I was still upstairs trying to wake up, my Husband was in the kitchen preparing a little morning snack for us:

eatwriterunrepeat.com | whole30 morning snack

Breakfast, 0930: Since we woke up later than usual our meals were later than usual, too. For breakfast we heated up our leftover sweet potato hash in a skillet, threw in some pre-cooked seasoned ground beef, and topped it with two fried eggs. I didn’t think the hash could get any better but guess what? It totally did!

eatwriterunrepeat.com | whole30 eggs and hash

Lunch, 1400?: After we got ready for the day we decided to do something spontaneous for our day off – we packed a bag full of snacks, hopped in the truck and headed out – destination unknown! We ended up taking random turns and ended up in the rolling hills of Virginia – gorgeous countryside! We packed a variety of stuff – ground beef sliders with guacamole, sliced fruit, almond butter packs, and chomps snack sticks.

Dinner, 1900: I wasn’t all that hungry for “dinner”, but I did want to eat something for fear I’d be up at 2300 and scrounging around the kitchen for food. So I chopped up three hard boiled eggs, added a dollop of homemade mayo, a squirt of spicy brown mustard, some diced celery and onion and a dash of paprika and made egg salad! I served the egg salad in leaves of iceberg lettuce and I even took pictures, but there was absolutely no way to make them look even remotely appetizing and so I gave up.

Day 19 Overall: Again, I’m surprised that we’re two thirds of the way through! I still don’t have the “tiger blood” that the Whole30 crew refers to, but then again we haven’t been working out at all so I wonder if that has something to do with it. I feel better though, and I’m sleeping solidly. Eleven days left to go!

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