Foodie Flattery – “Comfort Noodles” from The Clothes Make The Girl

You guys.

I came across this recipe for comfort noodles a couple of months ago – around the same time I found the recipe for the best chicken ever – which I now make on a weekly basis – both by Melissa Joulwan of the blog The Clothes Make the Girl. I’ve been following Melissa’s blog for a while – she’s a wealth of knowledge on Paleo and Whole30 approved meals and ideas, plus she’s fun to read.

Anyway. I read the post on Comfort Noodles and I had to smile, because back before I started to care about what I put into my own body my go-to comfort meal was a package of drained ramen noodles with chunks of cooper sharp cheddar cheese melted in. Essentially it was my own version of macaroni and cheese…sort of. Nevertheless, I loved it, so when Melissa mentioned she wanted to recreate that whole deliciously warm and comforting noodle goodness, well, I had to try it out for myself!

spaghetti nocarbonara |

Best. Idea. Ever.

I had some prosciutto in the fridge that I needed to use up and so I chopped that into little slices and fried it in the skillet so it was nice and crispy before adding the noodles.  I actually omitted the almond flour bread crumbs, but that was mostly because I was lazy. And I sort of forgot about making them until it was too late. No matter – the prosciutto combined with the egg and black pepper created a delicious and indulgent spaghetti carbonara feel. I curled up on the couch with the steamy bowl in my hands, happily twirling noodles and watching Bones episodes on Netflix while the Husband was at work. It was quite the perfect evening. Thanks to Melissa for another awesome recipe! To make your own comfort noodles, check out the recipe here!

6 thoughts on “Foodie Flattery – “Comfort Noodles” from The Clothes Make The Girl

  1. Inspired by this and Melissa’s posts, I made a version of comfort noodles last night, to go with sliced chicken breast and finely chopped salad.
    I did the salting thing, rinsed, then cooked it gently with a spray of olive oil, one sliced sun-dried tomato, about 4 kalamata olives, garlic and a ton of Thai basil. It was just yum. Thanks for the idea 🙂

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