Operation: Get Up And Move – Week Two

Whoops – so this post is a little later than I intended. Kevin and I were out of town this weekend and I left my laptop at home (on purpose) because I knew I wouldn’t have time to do any blogging anyway. But better late than never!

Last week wasn’t overwhelming on the fitness scale, but I did get a couple days of exercise in which is better than I thought I would get, but less than I was aiming for. (Does that even make sense?) 

Monday: Despite having off due to the snowstorm that hit the East Coast, I still managed to get in a 30 minute yoga workout courtesy of youtube. I was still sore from the killer workout on Friday so it was extra nice to do some opening stretches and focus on breathing. And does snow shoveling count as a workout? Because I was certainly feeling the 60 minutes I spent outside, shoveling out our driveway and helping my neighbors shovel out theirs. I’m so glad God has blessed us with good neighbors! Total time: 90 minutes

Tuesday: No formal workout, but I did get in a nice walk around the neighborhood with the Husband before we went out for sushi for dinner. It was an absolutely gorgeous day – still freezing, but it was a clear day with blue skies and snow all around! Total time: 20 minutes

Wednesday: It looks like it’s going to be a yoga week this week…I haven’t felt like running, but at least I’ve been getting some good stretching in! Total time: 30 minutes

Thursday: Nada.

Friday: Another day where I should have went to the gym and hit the treadmill but I did yoga instead. Total time: 30 minutes

Saturday: I was hoping to get a run in with the Husband before we left for the airport, but I woke up with a massive head cold and couldn’t seem to get myself together. I spent most of the morning sipping tea and blowing my nose, and I spent the hour before we had to leave running around like a maniac trying to get everything together for our trip.

Sunday: We didn’t exercise today, but we did end up crashing some open houses and looking at opulent homes we can’t afford in a city where we have no intention of living. It ended up being a super fun (and free!) spur of the moment activity that both of us enjoyed.

Weekly Workout Summary:

Total Miles: 0 (oops)

Total Minutes: 170 (including the snow shoveling, which I decided to count)

So far Week 3 isn’t shaping up to be all that great either, but I’m still determined to make the effort to work out – stay tuned!

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