Sunday Food Prep

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Food Prep! As I’ve mentioned previously I like to spend a couple hours on Saturday or Sunday afternoon to prepare a ton of food – usually in the form of protein – for the Husband and I to have on hand for the upcoming week. Before we got married I would use my weekends to sit down and prepare my weekly menu and shopping list so that every evening after work I knew exactly what I would be making for dinner and what I’d be taking to work for breakfast and lunch. Now that we are both working full time (usually with conflicting schedules) and because my commute is double what it was before we moved, I’ve found that creating a weekly menu and cooking a somewhat elaborate dinner each night isn’t manageable anymore. (And it usually ends up with take-out or dinner at a restaurant because we either don’t feel like cooking or don’t know what to cook.) It’s much easier for us to have pre-cooked protein options on hand to use as a base for a meal, filling in the blanks with whatever vegetables we have on hand. I do still come up with a suggested meal plan – generally a list of meals we can create with whatever meat we have – so I can buy vegetables I know we’ll use, but it’s definitely not as in depth or organized as it used to be. And that’s OK with us.

So here’s what I came up with for the upcoming week:

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Hard Boiled Eggs: Every week, without fail, we boil hard boiled eggs. It’s perfect for breakfasts, snacks, or a quick post-workout protein hit.

Hamburger Patties: Also one of my Husband’s favorites – I kept these simple and combined ground beef, onion, and some spicy Montreal steak seasoning before forming the beef into patties and tossing them on a hot grill.

Brined Chicken Breasts: I’m so glad the weekend was nice enough to grill, because grilled chicken tastes so much better than baked, in my opinion. I seasoned two breasts with a spicy cajun seasoning blend and left one plain.

Seasoned Ground Beef: I kept this simple as well and browned some ground beef with onion, garlic salt, parsley and cracked pepper. We’ll use this any number of ways – on eggs, on sautéed vegetables or salads; stuffed into a sweet potato or acorn squash…it’s super easy and extremely versatile.

Baked Sweet Potatoes: Since we had the grill on for the hamburgers and chicken, Kevin wrapped two sweet potatoes in foil and threw them on the grill as well. Good to have on hand for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Roast Chicken with Mirepoix (carrots, celery and onion): I planned in advance to make an oven-roast chicken for Sunday dinner so we’ll have extra chicken and vegetables to use throughout the week as well. Plus I plan on using the remains of the chicken to make bone broth – recipe coming soon!

Chipotle Aioli: Otherwise known as homemade mayonnaise with some chipotle powder mixed in – I use this as a topping for build-your-own-burgers, a dipping sauce for sweet potato fries or roasted asparagus, or added to egg or chicken salad for a quick lunch at work.

And that’s that! After only a couple hours of work I now have enough variety to create an entire week’s worth of meals for the Husband and me. Here’s an example of what our week might look like:

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Operation: Get Up And Move – Week Three

So two days ago the high was 63 degrees and it was sunny and beautiful, and this morning our yard is buried under close to 12 inches of snow. What the heck winter?

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I actually debated whether or not I even wanted to post an update for the past week, it was that bad, but then I decided to be completely honest and lay it out there.

Last week was basically a bust. I won’t try to make any excuses for it – even though we were traveling through Tuesday, Kevin and I packed workout clothes AND the weather was gorgeous on Monday and Tuesday… and guess where our workout clothes stayed the entire trip? Yeah. The hotel even had an indoor pool and we packed swimsuits…which also stayed in our bag the entire time. Exercise fail.

Once we got back to Virginia the weather was not gorgeous, and we got hit with some more polar vortex like temperatures topped with the delightful added bonus of a wind advisory AND a severe thunderstorm warning. I basically spent Wednesday and Thursday evenings burrowed under blankets and generally feeling grumpy about being cold. Another fail.

Friday I was actually productive but unfortunately my productivity didn’t include any exercise.

Saturday dawned a balmy 47 degrees and although it was cloudy it was definitely warm enough for the Husband and I to take our coffee outdoors and spend the morning on our patio. It cleared up around 11am and turned into a gorgeous day – and I finally took advantage of it and went for a run! We’re still having some pretty high winds, but the sunny sky and the warm temperature definitely made up for it. I ended up running two miles through our neighborhood, for a total of 21 minutes. Yay! Total time: 21 minutes

Sunday was my birthday and because the Husband had to work, my sister and brother-in-law drove down to meet me for church and spend the afternoon with me. My intention was to order pizza and then take everyone on a walk through our neighborhood. What actually happened is my brother in law took a nap and my sister and I watched movie previews on vudu.


Total Miles: 2 miles

Total Minutes: 21 minutes

The good news is that it won’t take much to improve for next week!