WOD 10.25.16

Sadly my husband and I had to cancel our Crossfit membership – we couldn’t manage to get to any of the scheduled classes due to some changes in our personal lives, and it was too expensive to maintain for the few times we would actually go. Instead, we joined a “regular” gym which is a short drive from our house, offers very cheap membership options, and (probably best of all) has a “Kids Club” so we can take Baby Bear with us!

That said, I do miss my Crossfit workouts and so I’ve decided to keep up with doing WODs 2-3 times a week, just to track progress and keep up my stamina. Our gym is limited in free weights and I certainly don’t feel comfortable doing any of the Olympic lifts without a spotter, so my WODs will for the most part be kept limited to body weight, dumbbells, and plates.

Because Crossfit WODs are typically short bursts of high impact activity, I’ll also be including the rest of my workout each time I post. Credit for today’s (well, actually I did this WOD yesterday, hence the title) WOD goes to my dearly beloved Crossfit gym!


Ran/Walked 2 miles (treadmill, varying inclines and speed)



– Burpees

– Weighted Sit ups (10lb plate)

– Overhead lunges (10lb plate)

Finished 5:59

WOD pic