Meal Plan Monday: 10-14 April 2017

Welcome back for another edition of Meal Plan Monday! Regardless of whether you meal prep or not, having a menu and sticking to it saves tons of time and money – and if you make enough food at dinner to use as lunch the next day, you can save yourself the trouble of last minute rushing around to find food.

As I mentioned last week, my only slight deviation is lunches for the young one – being in elementary school, he requires a lunch that doesn’t need to be microwaved. So as you can see I’ve added separate school lunches for him, in case you’re in the same boat! (Please note, the lunch includes an afternoon school snack as well).

I’m also only planning for Sunday night through Friday night, because weekends tend to be a free for all in my house.

In the future I’d like to start including the approximate cost of each week and a shopping plan. I did note which items can be made ahead of time in case you do want to prep on a weekend.

*Note: I’m feeding two adults and one elementary school age boy, so we try to make enough food for three, plus leftovers.*


Sunday Dinner: Skillet pork chops, roasted green beans, unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon


B: Breakfast Cassserole, fruit (casserole can be made ahead!)

L: leftover pork/beans/applesauce

L2: ham and cheese dino sandwich, apple slices, chips, granola bar, milk, apple juice

D: One pan chicken thighs with broccoli and sweet potato (chop veggies/potatoes in advance)


B: scrambled eggs and bacon

L: tuna salads (make mayonnaise ahead)

L2: hot dog wrap, applesauce, granola bar, crackers, milk, apple juice

D: Turkey Enchiladas with Mexican Rice


B: breakfast casserole, fruit

L: hamburger salad (grill hamburger patties/chop salad veggies in advance)

L2: hummus snack,  cherry tomatoes, apple slices, granola bar, milk, apple juice

D: baked grouper, mixed roast vegetables


B: Protein Packed Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats (recipe coming soon!)

L: egg salad lettuce cups (great way to use up those decorated Easter eggs!)

L2: ham and cheese dino sandwich, apple slices, chips, granola bar, milk, apple juice

D: Lemon Thyme Roast Chicken with carrots and potatoes


B: breakfast casserole, fruit

L: leftover chicken/carrots/potatoes

L2: turkey and cheese rollups, grapes, chips, granola bar, milk, apple juice

D: Homemade Pizza Night (I’m trying to make this a thing!)


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