Meal Plan Monday: 17-21 April

Welcome back for another edition of Meal Plan Monday! Regardless of whether you meal prep or not, having a menu and sticking to it saves tons of time and money – and if you make enough food at dinner to use as lunch the next day, you can save yourself the trouble of last minute rushing around to find food.

As usual, my only slight deviation is lunches for the young one – being in elementary school, he requires a lunch that doesn’t need to be microwaved. So as you can see I’ve added separate school lunches for him, in case you’re in the same boat! (Please note, the lunch includes an afternoon school snack as well).

I’m also only planning for Sunday night through Friday night, because weekends tend to be a free for all in my house.

*Note: I’m feeding two adults and one elementary school age boy, so we try to make enough food for three, plus leftovers.*

This week I’ve added my food prep items for Sunday, as well as a shopping list and approximate cost. I’ve used the current prices for my local Wegmans, but if you shop at Aldi or other discount grocery stores you can definitely get this meal plan for much less!



– make your crockpot carnitas

– chop your veggies (onion, potato, pepper, broccoli, zucchini)

– spiralize two zucchini

– cook 2lbs of turkey meatballs

Sunday Dinner: Crockpot Cashew Chicken


B: scrambled eggs with crockpot carnitas

L: leftover crockpot chicken

L2: ham and cheese roll-up, grapes, chips, granola bar, milk, apple juice

D: Build Your Own Hamburgers, oven roasted potato wedges


B: scrambled eggs, bacon

L: carnitas over salad

L2: tuna snack, apple slices, fruit snacks, granola bar, milk, apple juice

D: Greek Chicken Salads (recipe coming soon)


B: overnight oats

L: leftover crockpot chicken

L2: ham and cheese dino sandwich, grapes, chips, oreos, milk, apple juice

D: Turkey Meatballs with Zoodles


B: scrambled eggs with carnitas

L: leftover meatballs and zoodles

L2: hot pocket, apple slices, chips, granola bar, milk, apple juice

D: One Pan Chicken and Roast Vegetables


B: greek chicken “breakfast salad”

L: leftover one pan chicken and vegetables

L2: chicken apple sausage, grapes, chips, granola bar, milk, apple juice

D: Homemade Pizza Night

Shopping List (prices based on my local Wegmans)


3lbs pork shoulder          $4.47 ($1.49/lb – family pack)

5lbs chicken breast        $9.40 ($1.88/lb – family pack)

hamburger patties         $5.99 (4 patties)

bacon, uncured               $6.99

2lbs ground turkey         $5.98 (2.99/lb – family pack)

sliced deli ham                $3.00

2 doz eggs                         $2.58 (1.29/doz)


onions (2lb bag)                $1.99

white potatoes (5lb bag) $1.99

bell pepper (6ct)               $5.49 (family pack)

cherry tomato                  $3.99 (family pack)

cucumber (2ea)                $1.32 (3/2.00)

romaine hearts (3pk)      $2.99

parseley, fresh                  $1.99

blueberries, 1pint            $3.99

zucchini, 2lb                      $3.58

broccoli, 1lb                       $1.79

apples                                  $2.99 (approx)

grapes                                  $2.99 (approx)


greek yogurt (lg tub)      $4.99

Siggis yogurt drink        $3.99

mozzarella, shredded   $2.99

sliced cheese                    $3.00

tzatziki sauce, tub         $4.49


pizza dough                    $3.57 (*NOTE: I bought the pizza dough at Trader Joe’s                                                    3 individual bags at $1.19 each)

TOTAL COST:                $96.54

NOTE: This shopping list assumes I have the following items in my pantry (which I usually do)

instant rice


olive oil

gluten free quaker oats

protein powder

spaghetti sauce

pizza sauce

pizza toppings (jarred jalapenos, canned pineapple, canned olives, etc)

What are you eating this week? Do you meal plan in advance? Leave a comment and let me know!

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