Easy Turkey Salad (in a bell pepper “bowl”)

I love green salads and will typically take one for lunch every day, but they do get old after a while. Especially during a Whole30, when variety can be the difference between completing 30 days with minimal stress or falling face first into a box of doughnuts. Another one of my lunch staples is chicken, egg, or turkey salad made with homemade mayonnaise, and instead of the same old bed of greens, one day I decided to change it up by using a fresh bell pepper as a “bowl” – and this lovely little lunch was born!

bearfamilystrong.com | turkey salad


serves one, but easily multiplied

all ingredients are to taste

1 bell pepper (any color, pick your favorite)

grilled turkey breast, chopped

homemade mayonnaise

diced celery

diced apple (I used about two wedges of a cored and sliced honeycrisp apple)

dried currents or cherries (no sugar added)

slivered almonds


smoked paprika

salt and pepper


Basically, dump everything into a bowl and mix well. Taste and adjust seasonings as necessary. Cut off the top of your bell pepper and scoop out the ribs and seeds, making a nice “bowl”. Hint: when picking out a bell pepper, find one with a relatively flat bottom that will stand on it’s own as your “bowl”. Fill your pepper bowl with salad and voila!

bearfamilystrong.com | turkey salad

Although it’s nice to use a bell pepper to stand up, it’s not strictly necessary and to be honest, it was more for presentation than anything else. You can always just slice up your bell pepper into thick strips and “scoop” your salad into them. While I did throw the entire turkey filled pepper into a tupperware and took it to work a is, I ended up cutting the pepper into scoops and eating it that way.

If you’re taking this to work for lunch, as I did, I’d also recommend bringing some additional snacks as a supplement. I packed baby carrots and some macadamia nuts for the extra veggies and protein. In any case, this was a delicious change to my tried and true “grilled chicken breast over mixed salad” lunches.

Plus, it just looks so pretty!


bearfamilystrong.com | turkey salad

Tropical Shrimp Skewers

Nothing says “summer” like grilled shrimp kebabs, am I right?

tropical shrimp skewers | eatwriterunrepeat.com

True to East Coast form, we went directly from frozen tundra to middle of summer without any hint of spring. Last week temperatures crept into the upper eighties and the humidity has been full blown, but our electric bill is less than half of what it was in the dead of winter, so you won’t hear me complaining! (…much)

My favorite part about the warmer weather is being able to stand outside and grill in flip flops and short sleeves. Notice I didn’t say “my favorite part about the warmer weather is being able to grill,” because if you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time you know that The Husband and I have been known to grill in the middle of a snowstorm. But I have to be honest, I find it so much more enjoyable when my UGGS are not required.

spring grilling | eatwriterunrepeat.com

The most time consuming part about this recipe is chopping your vegetables and constructing the skewers – once they’re on the grill they don’t take long at all to cook! For these we used my favorite uncooked Argentinian red shrimp (compliments of Trader Joe’s when they have it in stock), green and yellow bell peppers, zucchini, grape tomatoes, pineapple, and mango. Once we made our skewers we sprinkled them with a hint of Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning to add a little heat to our sweet, and tossed our skewers on the grill for a couple of minutes!


tropical shrimp skewers | eatwriterunrepeat.com

These skewers could very well serve as a meal in their own right, but we went one better and served them up with a perfectly juicy grilled steak and the leftover zucchini slices that didn’t fit on our skewers. Yum. I heart summer grilling.

tropical shrimp skewer dinner | eatwriterunrepeat.com

Tropical Shrimp Skewers

serves: four

prep time: 20 minutes

cook time: 5-10 minutes


1 pound uncooked shrimp

1 green pepper, cut into chunks

1 yellow bell pepper, cut into chunks

1 zucchini, sliced into half moons

1-2 cups grape tomatoes

1 mango, cut into chunks

1-2 cups fresh pineapple chunks

Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning (to taste)

Olive Oil


Preheat your grill to high. Create your skewers by alternating shrimp, vegetables, and fruit chunks. Toss lightly with olive oil and creole seasoning. Grill the skewers about 7-10 minutes, turning occasionally, until shrimp is opaque and vegetables are crisp-tender. Enjoy!

tropical shrimp skewers | eatwriterunrepeat.com

Whole30 Day 18 – Sweet Potato Hash with Kale, Bacon, and Pecans

So I was a total food blogger failure on Sunday and didn’t take pictures of my food! How does that even happen?? We even had a really awesome lunch – my sister and brother in law came over after church and we had a great pork tenderloin. Sadly you will all just have to use your imagination, because there is no photographic evidence of our delicious lunch. Sad face.  I did take one picture of the salad I made for lunch…but it doesn’t hold a candle to the pork tenderloin.

My Day Eighteen Eats

Breakfast, 0700/0800: This doesn’t really count as breakfast…it was more like scavenging while we got ready for – and left for – church. Kevin and I split an apple with almond butter before we did our devotional, and then on the way out the door (literally) I grabbed a piece of last night’s turkey sage meatloaf and ate it in the truck on the drive over. Truth.

Lunch, 1130: The beautiful un-photographed pork tenderloin. We marinated the pork in an herb blend of garlic, fresh sage, rosemary, garlic salt, 21 seasoning salute, and olive oil before roasting it in the oven. On the side we roasted a tray of parsnips, carrots, and broccoli. It was delicious. And beautiful. And unpictured. Boo.

Dinner, 1630: Another hurried affair as we were leaving the house – I ended up eating a salad with lettuce and spinach, cherry tomatoes, orange pepper, cauliflower florets, seasoned ground beef, and a healthy dollop of guacamole. I don’t often think of putting ground beef on a salad but saw it on a website recently and decided to try it. I was surprised at good it ended up tasting!

eatwriterunrepeat.com | whole30 beef salad

My Day 18 Overall: Spent some time with my sister and brother in law which is always nice!

And now, because I love you all so much and think you really need to try the sweet potato hash I made on Saturday night I decided to include the recipe in my post for today. Enjoy!

eatwriterunrepeat.com | whole30 sweet potato hash with bacon kale and pecans

Sweet Potato Hash with Bacon, Kale, and Pecans

serves: 4


two sweet potatoes, diced small (we used one orange, one white)

2 strips bacon, thinly chopped

6 oz kale (we used a bag of pre-chopped leaves, which is great for convenience!)

2-3 tbsp chopped toasted pecans


In a medium-high cast iron skillet, cook the bacon until crispy. Add the diced sweet potatoes and stir to combine. Continue to cook potatoes about 20 minutes or until soft, stirring occasionally. Add the chopped kale and cook to reduce. Once kale is cooked down and potatoes are soft to the touch, sprinkle with the pecans and stir to combine. Simple as that!

eatwriterunrepeat.com | whole30 sweet potato hash with bacon kale and pecans 2