Whole30 Roundup Week Five: What We’ve Been Eating

I wanted to come up with another informative installation of these Whole30 roundup posts, but after giving you the introduction, some helpful tips to survive your whole30 experience, my favorite whole30 recipes, and some simple snacking ideas, I’m kind of…out of ideas.

But since The Husband and I are still living a Whole30 life and coming up with some pretty awesome meals, I thought I’d share some of our recent eats in hopes we’ll spark some inspiration out there in the great big blog world! Most of these photos are on my instagram feed (follow me at becky1ynne), but here’s just a taste of what we’ve been eating lately! Enjoy!

04 Sep 2013 019

hamburger patties with sundried tomato pesto and homemade guacamole and salsa with a side of avocado and tomato

04 Sep 2013 045

roasted eggplant with sundried tomato basil pesto

steak and eggs

new york strip steak with sweet potato hash and a fried egg

apple onion pork chops

Stovetop pork chops with balsamic apples and onions with a side of tomato cucumber salad (pork chop recipe coming soon!)

hamburger eggs benedict

homemade hamburger patty layered with tomato, avocado, baked egg and homemade paleo hollandaise sauce

08 September 2013 004

grilled swordfish with mango salsa and a side salad

08 September 2013 130

pork ribs with homemade paleo peach BBQ salsa (recipe coming soon!)

08 September 2013 047

grilled steak with sauteed onions and a sweet potato with truffled spinach

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope y’all have a blessed week!

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