Stitch Fix #4

Is coming home to a brand new box of hand picked clothes not the best thing ever after a particularly stressful day at work? Or is that just me?

11 September 2012 054

That’s what happened to me last week anyway – I came home from work to find the instantly recognizable box on my front porch – Stitch Fix!

Wait – what is Stitch Fix, you ask? Well let me enlighten you!

It’s essentially a personal shopping service you can sign up for online. You fill out a fairly extensive style survey questionnaire (answering questions on both your likes and your body type), and one of their personal stylists picks out items based on your specifications. Then, each month (or however often you schedule your fixes), a cute little box arrives at your door filled with five items for you to try on and decide whether or not you like them enough to buy! It’s perfect because you can try on the clothes with other pieces from your closet, skype with friends or family to get a second (or third or fourth opinion), and whatever you decide not to buy, you simple mail back in the prepaid envelope included in your box! Simple as that!

You do pay a $20 styling fee for each fix, but that $20 goes towards anything you purchase. If you decide not to buy anything, you lose $20, but if you buy all five items in your box, you get a 25% discount.

So with that being said, let’s see what I got! (Excuse the poor picture quality – my mirror obviously needs to be washed)

Missa Schepers Cotton Striped Dress

dress collage

This dress was adorable – comfortable cotton, perfect for the beach. The price was a little steep, but I’m a sucker for comfortable summer dresses and I just happened to be going to the beach the weekend after this Fix arrived – sooo…yeah. Kept the dress. (I particularly like it paired with the jean jacket and my red heels, which you can’t see in the pic but trust me, they were adorable.)

41 Hawthorn Lottie Pintuck Sleeveless Silk Top

green shirt collage

Another very comfortable shirt – although you can’t really go wrong with silk! On a whim I paired it with the Martin Printed Hi-Low Skirt by Sugarhill Boutique, which I got in my second fix, and I loved it. I’m not sure how often I’ll wear it now that the weather suddenly dropped (Hello, fall!), but this will definitely be a summer staple for me! Kept the shirt.

Matty M Cashel Silk Detailed Short Sleeve Shirt

black shirt collage

When I pulled this shirt out of my fix my first reaction was “ho-hum, another plain black shirt.” But at The Husband’s insistence I tried it on and I was super impressed! As you can see in the (low quality) pic with the white shorts, the shirt is somewhat slouchy but still looks nice with the shorts and a pair of black pumps. Alternatively I paired it with a gray business suit and voila! A perfect outfit for work! Another super comfortable shirt…that I kept.

Fornash Horse Bit Bangle

bracelet collage

I thought this bracelet was adorable, but ultimately I really don’t wear bracelets that often – mostly because my wrists are so tiny that the bracelets end up clanking around my wrist and giving me bruises, or they slide off entirely. Plus I prefer to wear them on my right hand, because I wear my watch on my left, but then the bracelets annoy me when I write because I’m right handed and the bracelet gets in the way. The point of that long winded story? I don’t wear bracelets, so this item went back.

41Hawthorn Cassandra Tailored Button-Up Shirt

white shirt collage

I wanted to love this shirt, I really did. I went through a HUGE button-up shirt phase a couple of years ago, I practically bought out New York and Company’s entire stock. But I noticed lately I don’t wear them as much – and if they don’t fit exactly right, I won’t wear them. This shirt fit almost perfectly, but it bunched the teeniest bit at the buttons…which I knew would be enough to banish this shirt to the closet with the rest of my never-worn button-ups shirts. This shirt went back.

Overall Impression:

I was a little disappointed with my fix when I saw the solid colors and a cotton dress that was very similar to the Envi Vin Graphic Print Tunic Dress that I kept from my first fix.  I wondered why my stylist wasn’t sending me fun prints and edgier pieces…until I got on Pinterest and started pinning a bunch of outfits I like.

It turns out I have a very classic style. And I bet you’ll never guess what the staple items in my pinned outfits are. Yep, you got it – solid colors and classic pieces. As it turns out, my stylist has my style exactly right. I did request a few statement pieces and fun prints for my next fix, so we’ll see what happens, but it was interesting to see how well my fixes match my style! (Even though I wanted to be disappointed at first!)

Interested? Stop on over to stitch fix and sign up for yourself! (Disclaimer: if you use this code to sign up, I get a $25 referral credit.)

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