Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers out there!

I made the three hour trek north yesterday to be with my Mom for Mother’s day, except instead of taking three hours, it took about four and a half, due to excess traffic from an accident a few days prior. Add to that the torrential downpours we had yesterday and it made for a stressful drive! Luckily I made it to my parent’s house around noon, just in time to take my Mom to lunch!

This morning we lounged around the house, enjoying coffee and reading our respective books, and then we headed off to church. If I haven’t mentioned this before (although I’m pretty sure I did on my Easter post) I love our church. It’s pretty old fashioned, which is one of the things that endears me to it. And one tradition we have is that on Mother’s day, all the men in the church go to the front and serenade the women with a hymn. Cute, right? (Don’t worry – the women do the same thing for the men on Father’s day!)

Today’s sermon was on personal ministry, and focused on Acts 9:32-43.


Specifically, we talked about Peter and Tabitha, and their personal ministry. What is a personal ministry? Well, it’s more than just being involved inside your church, where it’s safe. As our Pastor put it, “We need to disciple/minister in our own time – outside of church and not just on Sundays.”

Let me tell you, friends, that certainly hit home.

Bible and Shoes

I have to confess that my own personal ministry is certainly lacking. I’m still trying to find a home church in my area, which makes it difficult to have a personal ministry. Difficult, but not impossible, because as our Pastor said – we still need to be disciples of God outside of church. And it got me to thinking…am I allowing others to do my ministry for me? Because I certainly haven’t been going out and taking opportunities (or more importantly, making opportunities) to serve others. And that is something I really need to do.

So this Mother’s Day I am asking: are you allowing others to do your ministry? Or will you go out and take the opportunities God has given you to serve? What is your personal ministry? Will you accept it?

Now – get off the computer and go spend the day with your Mother!

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